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Sirha europain celebrates French style bakery-pastry

The world of bread is divided into two sides: a soft side with sandwich-type breads, and a crunchy side that includes the likes of the French baguette.

All the knowledge, French heritage, know-how and skill is experienced and exported at SIRHA EUROPAIN, the event of reference for the bakery-pastry sector.
Suppliers of raw materials, designers of precision machinery, artisans, and entrepreneurs come together to exchange around an approach to bakery-pastry that is nourishing and relevant in everyday life.

Whether it is the first croissant in the morning, a crunchy sandwich at lunchtime, a snack before dinner or a cake to share: everyone loves French bakery!»

Sirha Europain events

SIRHA EUROPAIN gives the floor to professionals in the sector. Covering a total surface area of 2,730 sqm, different dedicated spaces will be at their disposal to express their ideas and illustrate their expertise through international contests, masterclasses, and expert contributions.

    a space offering conferences and exchanges on topical themes in the bakery-pastry industry
    two stages that will host high added-value masterclasses
    that illustrate the expertise of the whole trade :
    Bakery World Cup, Schools French Cup, Pastry European Cup
    reward the best innovations featured at the trade fair
Who visits? 

In 2020, more than 38,000 professionals, including 24% international 

  • Artisans : 42%
  • Training: 14%
  • Distribution, intermediary, pantry, bread depot: 13%
  • Equipment or product/milling manufacturers: 9%
  • CHR, catering: 6%
  • Suppliers, service companies: 5%
  • Industrial manufacturers: 4%
  • Investors, company creators: 1%
  • Others: 6%

Europain 2020 figures

Who exhibits? 

In 2020, 452 exhibitors and brands, including 18% international

Review 2020
  • 38,230 professionals, including 24% international

  • 452 exhibitors and brands, including 18% international

  • 342 business meetings arranged between exhibitors and international visitors

  • 100 innovations / 9 winners in the Europain Innovation Awards

  • 51 masterclasses on the Bakery & Snacking and Sweet Creations stages

Europain has joined the Sirha Food ecosystem and is now Sirha Europain!

Europain remains Europain, the leading event in the bakery-pastry industry, with a focus on French excellence, for export in particular, with the unique strength of French baking. However, to reinforce its dynamic and enable it to reach out to new sectors such as catering and snacking, in 2021, Europain integrated the Sirha Food ecosystem created by GL Events around Sirha, the emblematic reference event in Food Service and Hospitality.

Europain is now Sirha Europain, and adopts a new visual image, in line with the Sirha Lyon spirit and image, but also with the major international contests that are the Sirha Bocuse d’Or and Sirha Coupe du monde de la Pâtisserie. Indeed, an ecosystem is stronger to satisfy the stakes of rapidly changing markets, where technology and usages rely increasingly on connected universes, in a world that is permeable to all evolutions. So, as digital is a powerful vector in this millennia, Sirha Europain is also integrated in the Sirha Food app and all the digital Sirha Connect services, that connect exhibitors and visitors (business meetings, arranging meetings, agenda personnel, ticketing …). Welcome to Sirha Europain!

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