To ensure fluidity between the sectors and be consistent with visitors needs and requirements Europain 2020 keeps the three-pole sectors lay out: Manufacturing/Selling/Managing.
It is the guarantee for an efficient visitor experience, a perfect showcase of the exhibitors’ offer, introduced at the right place at the right time for an optimal visibility


From the bake house to the factory, including development kitchens, all the appliances, equipment, raw materials and processes to improve production and satisfy today’s performance and quality objective

  • Appliances and equipment for production site
  • Appliances and equipment for the kitchen
  • Appliances and equipment for the bake house
  • Appliances and equipment for the pastry lab
  • Supplies, small appliances for bake house and pastry labs
  • Milling productsand leavens
  • Raw materials and semi-finished products


All the solutions to help sell better and enhance sales in store. Design, decoration, Point of Sales, digital solutions, accessories and agrofood products , snacking, services, etc,.

  • Store design, decoration, , window arrangement
  • Tableware and decoration, disposable
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Confectionery
  • Packaging
  • Snacking equipment
  • Furniture, decoration
  • New technologies – Social media and networks
  • Food products for catering, processed dishes, snacking, frozen foods (ready to bake)
  • Bakery and Retail Network


Regardless of its size, managing a business requires multiple competences, skills and knowledge: finance, insurance, legal, training, admin. All the equipment, technologies and solutions will be featured in the ‘Management’ section

  • Insurance
  • Banking, financial establishments
  • Communication Advertising
  • Federation, professional associations
  • Training – education: Schools' Street
  • Franchisers
  • Management & Admin
  • Real estate
  • Press & medias
  • Recruitment
  • Services

Map of the venue

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