24 September 2019

Sandwich bread is gaining ground

After being supplanted by the burger in 2017, the traditional jambon-beurre (ham and butter baguette sandwich) is being assailed from all sides on the snacking front and the sandwich loaf is also joining the battle.

In the 1950s, the French industrial manufacturer Pasquier set out to conquer a new market: that of sandwich bread, which was little known in France but very popular in the US. In 2016, sandwich loaves accounted for 7 to 8% of sales in France, according to the 'Fédération des entrepreneurs de boulangerie'. Could this type of bread, mainly distributed in supermarkets, become a star product for the bakery industry? In Paris, 'Carré Pain de Mie' certainly thinks so and proposes it in many forms including round loaves, toasts, croque-monsieur, sandwiches, etc.
Another snack that is making headway in France is the 'grilled cheese': a hot sandwich made with butter and melted cheese. Popular with American soldiers during World War II, it is a favourite food in the US and is gaining ground in France. The Grilled Cheese Factory (Paris IV) and La Parenthèse Grilled Cheese (Paris IX) propose dozens of different variations. Katsu Sando, is a classic Japanese street food made with 'shokupan' sandwich bread and grilled pork chops. Aki Café proposes a range of different recipes and some restaurants such as Sando Club and Abri have actually adopted it as their specialty.

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