19 September 2019

Recycling bread: zero waste objective

Each day, a portion of the bakeries’ production ends up in the bin. Some French start-ups are looking to reuse the unsold products.

According to ADEME - French Agency for the Environment and Mastery of Energy - in France artisan bakeries remove approximately 11% of their baguettes and special breads before they are sold. Although part of this (40%) is given away or used for animal food, more than half the production ends up in the bin. In order to remedy this situation the start-up Expliceat, founded by Franck Wallet in 2017, proposes the Crumbler, a machine that turns stale bread into flour. The Crumbler can process up to 100 kilos of bread per hour. The resulting flour can then be used to make cakes or fresh bread. Kolectou, a start-up created in 2018 in Rennes by Noémie Gourtay and Emma Mairel, collects unsold bread products to make read-to-use preparations for food service professionals. Chocolate chip cookies, muffins, savoury cakes… The range of products they offer is growing fast. 
Established in Perpignan, Laurent Botta, a former chemistry teacher, has launched the ‘Boc’, beer that is brewed using bread. He substitutes part of the malt with flour obtained from unsold bread. These virtuous and waste-saving approaches are all good! 

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