22 July 2019

Pastry : No added sugar

Lower sugar, gluten and lactose content but still delicious, this is the pastry chefs’ new challenge to satisfy a clearly identified expectation in French consumers: eat healthy products. 

In Paris, the offering for pastry products that are gluten free, lactose free or with no added sugar is growing fast. Belles Envies pastry shop for example “de-sugars” its pastries in order to offer 40% less calories than traditional pastries with a low glycaemic index, and Maison Foucade proposes ‘positive’ gluten free pastries that are made with vegetal milk and natural fruit extract sugar, non-refined spices or raw materials such as rapadura, dehydrated sugar cane juice.
In 2019, Jessica Préalpato, Pastry Chef at Plaza Athénée succeeded Cédric Grolet as the Best Pastry Chef in the World’s Best Restaurants. She focuses on the fruit, never on sugar that she banned ages ago: “It’s really a new mindset and an approach focused on better eating. Our palate can adapt to less sweet flavours. This is the future of pastry”, she explained in an interview to the Huffington Post. 

The sector of events catering is also following the trend. Jennifer Hart-Smith, pastry chef and naturopath, has launched her Tookies,“awareness pastry” based on wholemeal sorgo or amaranth flour and unrefined sugar. More radical,  Les Petites Pâtisseries, founded by Violaine Bergoin, proposes exclusively cakes that are gluten free, lactose free, with no refined sugar and more importantly vegan and non-cooked. As an alternative to sugar this “neo-pastry chef” works with date syrup, agave and maple syrup as well as coco sugar. Refined sugar is definitely out of the picture.  

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