22 July 2019

Pastry : Artisant at the forefront

To counter the rise of industrial pastry, artisans are relying on concepts that are in line with the new expectations of French consumers: transparency, quality and authenticity. 

In Paris and all over France an increasing number of pastry chefs are choosing quality raw products to create desserts that are more natural with lower sugar content. At Les Belles Envies in Paris, Alixe Bornon proposes low glycaemic index pastries and chocolates for diabetics among others. At Parisian pastry establishment  Hugo et VictorHugues Pouget uses exclusively colouring powders that are 100 % vegetal made from fruits, flowers or spices.
Moreover, the artisan sector now also relies on product-specific outlets such as L’éclair de génie  – éclairs specialist, Popelini – choux specialist – or  Meringuaie. The latter is established in the 17th arrondissement of the French capital and proposes many different creations, renewed regularly, all based on meringue, whipped cream and seasonal fruits. These are prepared in the kitchen of the pastry shop, in full view of the customers who can observe the different stages required for their creation. These neo-artisans are pushing the boundaries of the pastry sector. 

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