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A new batch of Love Baguettes

Until 15 October, Aides - an association dedicated to fighting Aids and hepatitis – will be collecting the proceeds of the third edition of the camping Love baguette.
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Sourdough Bread: Natural Growth

To counter the power of industrial bakeries many artisan bakers are intent on showing another facet of bread: "clean" artisan bread loaves that are baked using ancient flours and natural ...
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Sandwich bread is gaining ground

After being supplanted by the burger in 2017, the traditional jambon-beurre (ham and butter baguette sandwich) is being assailed from all sides on the snacking front and the sandwich loaf...
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Recycling bread: zero waste objective

Each day, a portion of the bakeries’ production ends up in the bin. Some French start-ups are looking to reuse the unsold products.
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Bakery shops: The french touch

Bakery and pastry ‘à la française’ are popular in many countries around the world.
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