12 January 2018

Masters de la Boulangerie – Discover the Specialities 3/3

18 experienced candidates selected on the basis of the best scores obtained or for displaying the best potential will compete in one of the three following specialties: “Nutritional Bread Making”, “Gourmet Baking” and “Artistic Bread Making”. Each categories has been establish according to challenges linked to evolutions in baking and the profession’s future.

Artistic Bread Making

Although each loaf of bread or every Viennese pastry can result in a work of art, this speciality represents all the contribution that bread making can make aesthetically in the artistic domain. It is a 360° creation, which must soar to between 1.5m and 1.6m, with a diameter of 1m to 1.1m! For this edition, the focus is on local factors with a compulsory theme: “Symbolise a regional and historical scene of celebration, which has significant meaning in your country, in its setting”. This entire piece must be edible and the Organising Committee has even introduced a ‘taste quality’ criteria in its scoring grid to evaluate this work of art’s organoleptic value.

One challenge for Artistic Bread Making
• The Art of Dough: three-dimensional visual expression of a cultural theme

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