Image Rights

By using this badge to gain access to the Europain 2018 exhibition, its contests, events and demonstration areas, the visitor is deemed to have accepted the terms below:

In my capacity as visitor, I hereby acknowledge and agree that I may be photographed, filmed or recorded during the Europain 2018. I hereby consent to such text, pictures and sound that entirely or partially include my name; my voice, my image and/or other likeness be used by the organiser or by entities that cooperate with the organiser, for promotional and commercial purposes on any and all platform and through any and all communication channels existing or yet to be invested (for instance: printed matter, press, TV, Internet, mobile phones, etc.), throughout the world. For the sake of clarity I acknowledge and agree that such usage shall not entitle me to any remuneration. If I do not wish to be filmed or photographed, I will say so to the video team or to the photographer on the premises.

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