25 June 2019

Fair chocolate was very popular this Easter

This is a structural phenomenon: Easter celebrations typically boost sales for chocolate products both for pastry shops and chocolatiers, and for industrials as well as artisans. This year, the market trend was all about fair chocolate. 
The Easter and Christmas celebrations are by far the most profitable periods of the year for the chocolate market in France. In 2018, 14.5% of the annual turnover for the industry was achieved during these two periods, according to magazine Le Figaro. For Easter, since 2013, sales have remained stable with between 14,000 and 15,000 tonnes of chocolate sold. This is equivalent to approximately one kilogramme per person.
The figures for 2019 are not available at this time but a trend has been outlined: the market has seen an increase in fair chocolate, as well as organic and high quality chocolate in response to French consumers’ wish to consume healthier and more responsible products. This year for example, no less than 80 brands of fair chocolate are available in France, which is twice as many as last year according to radio station France Info.

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