Since 1978, PANIRECORD has built thousands of machines, dividers, moulders, intermediate proofers and dough sheeters, for bakers and confectioners from five continents, sold mainly in their own name, but also under the name of distributors or other manufacturers. Today PANIRECORD is a team of ten people, managed since 2009 by Jean-Philippe Méheux, the independent owner of the company. The human size of our team allows direct contact with you, for greater efficiency, responsiveness and expertise. From A to Z, we build dividers, moulders, proofers and dough sheeters and enhance this know-how with the "Origine France Garantie" certification, the only certification that attests to the French origin of a product. And as we manufacture our own parts, we're able to ship the items you need every day for the maintenance of your equipment.


  • Activities
    • Equipment
      • Equipment and ustensils for the bakehouse
        • Bread moulding machines
        • Hydraulic dividers
        • Manual mini-intermediate proofer
  • Export countries
    • Africa
      • Central africa
        • Cameroon
      • West africa
        • Ivory coast
    • Europe
      • Eastern europe
        • Russia
  • Target market
    • Distributor, retailer, importer, exporter of equipment
    • Large retail, supermarkets and hypermarkets
    • Traditional baker-pastry maker, pastry maker

Company details


Our products

Dividers and Tradirecord divider-moulders

A very wide range Round, square, rectangular, you'll find the bowl shape that suits your bins and your work habits. •16, 20, 24, 40, 48 or 80 divisions? •Single or dual cuts? •Customisable, with a wide choice of options and accessories available. •High productivity in a small footprint: up to 1000 pieces/hour in 20 divisions •Efficient enough to satisfy your exacting standards •Easy to use and silent •Easy to clean •Built to last


A range of 2 vertical moulders Wide moulding capacities, from 5 g rolls to large pieces of 2 kg. To be placed on a table or on a stand with wheels, to be equipped with feed and output belts or to integrated in an automatic proofer. High productivity: up to 2000 pieces/hour • Excellent moulding quality • Easy to use, very quiet and easy to clean • Built to last

Intermediate proofers

Manual or semi-automatic intermediate proofers for a better working comfort and the utmost consideration of the dough's natural cycle. •Compact to optimise storage capacity / m2. •Ergonomic and easy to use with automatic search for the "first" gutter •All-stainless steel frames for gutters, Arconet® fabrics, structure and epoxy painted cases for extra hygiene. •Ruggedness that meets any challenge

Dough sheeters

Dough sheeters to meet your space and capacity needs • 2 dough sheeter widths: 50 and 60 cm • Cylinder spacing from 0 to 30 mm to turn dough pieces up to 5 kg • Stainless steel racks or folding belts • For placing on a table or on a base with wheels • Excellent dough sheeting quality • Easy to use • Easy to clean • Built to last


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