Founded in 1946, JAC is a family business headquartered in Liège with production plants in Belgium and France. The company manufactures bakery machines, like dough processing machines and bread slicers, in which they have grown to be global market leader. With a large portfolio of patents and the definition of various industry standards, innovation has always been a core axis of growth for JAC. For instance, did you know they invented the self-service bread slicer you use at the grocery store?


  • Activities
    • Equipment
      • Equipment and accessories for the shop
        • Automatic bread slicers
      • Equipment and ustensils for the bakehouse
        • Hydraulic dividers
        • Proving boxes
  • Target market
    • In-store bakery
    • Large retail, supermarkets and hypermarkets
    • Traditional baker-pastry maker, pastry maker
  • Visit routes
    • Snacking

Company details


Our products

Varia Pro

The future is on the move, Varia the choice of slice thickness: an important VARIAble in the customer approach The choice of the best slice thickness to offer for your range of bread without limitation, that's what the VARIA offers. This adjustable slice bread slicer allows a wide choice of thickness from 5mm to 25mm to magnify your products. Breads, brioches, rye breads, rustic breads with seeds and / or sticky crumbs, everything is easy to cut in the Varia. Available in two widths (depending on the size of the bread), with touch screens and stainless steel finish or in a choice of colors, the highest technology of bread slicing is at your fingertips. A beautiful element of differentiation, and loyalty of your customers. Expand your offer before others do it.


Eco + The undisputed benchmark in automatic bread slicers is today the Eco +. Over time, she has succeeded in replacing the unmistakable Duro manual. Increased safety, cutting quality, enhanced ergonomics, robustness, easy maintenance, devastating look, it has all the arguments to be the choice of the reason. The Automode Revolution Available on the entire range of automatic slicers (Picomatic, Eco +, Face +), this new technology offers the security of a mechanical cover but with the precision and speed of an optical barrier. Put the slicing loaf down, the slicer starts the cutting cycle alone and safely. Just grab the perfectly sliced ​​bread at the end of the cycle. No start button and no cover to handle is as much time gained to deal with what matters: the customer. Safety is one of our priorities, the slightest mishandling the machine instantly stop cutting.


The Paniform, concentrate of technology, offers you all you need to offer authentic products, respecting the traditions and making you unique. -Choose from our catalogue of more than 80 grids! -Fullmatic Automatic cycle -The easyflour allows you to flour the tank ergonomically -Automatic grid support locking system Easylock -Modular solution with a selection of moulding grids -Compact -Fast, efficient operation -Versatile


The Tradition baguette is the fashionable product in France, but also in other countries.   It is a product with a length of 40 to 50 cm long with a very important search for honeycombing.   JAC has developed a specific machine for this need: The Rollform.   This machine has a patent pending on its flexible winding mat with self-adjusting tension.   It is the rolling action of the dough in the carpet which creates its own tension => the dough is therefore very little constrained and its structure (honeycombing) respected, this machine does not have a roll of rolling but a system of rolling of the dough.   The work is done horizontally so with little constraints on the dough (we reproduce the manual gesture of the baker who shapes), no need to raise the dough between the 2 boxes ..   The machine is all stainless steel, compact, with a folding stainless steel shelf also, and attractive in price.


This new generation of Optima high-speed moulder will be previewed on our booth.


Thanks to its innovative design, the Swift makes it possible to position and collect loaves in the same place. This means the operator gains in terms of productivity and responsiveness, and particularly in terms of ergonomics and ease of use. With the complete cutting cycle taking 12 seconds, including packaging, a single operator can slice 300 loaves per hour, safely and without getting tired. Whether it's the producer or the operator, everyone's a winner with the Swift!

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