Timothy Breton : Revisited Tatin

  • 11 January : 15h30 > 16h15
Bakery and snacking stage
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  • Bakery & snacking stage

Timothy Breton had his first pastry lesson at the Cordon Bleu training centre when he was only 4 years old! His grandfather and father were both cooks in Rennes and Paris respectively. He began his professional training when he was 15 years old but was too young for a work placement so he opted for preparatory classes.
After graduating, he moved to London to improve his skills in English. He worked for three years as Chef de partie at the Dorchester London. Upon returning to Paris he worked at the Plaza Athénée Paris, Gâteau Thoumieux. Timothy held his first post as pastry chef at the elegant Café de L’homme. Since 2018, he has been working at the new Bo & Mie bakery-pastry.
He is always looking for new challenges to improve his skills and will no doubt open his own establishment in the future.

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