• 11 January : 10h30 > 18h00
The Coupe Europe, european selection
  • Contests

As a preamble to the European Pastry Cup, the NATURALLY PASTRY! day event brings together a number of players, chefs, producers and businesses who are strongly engaged in a responsible approach to the trade and industry and who are convinced that the future of pastry lies in naturalness.

10H30 /11H15 - Talk : Biodiversity, bees and honey plants
  • François JOSSE, Pastry Chef - Taillevent Paris
  • Amine TALAH, Beekeeper - Pau (Miellerie d’Amine)
  • Clémence MAILLOT, Cultural relations agent - CAPFRUIT
  • Dominique SENAT, Secretary General UNAF (Union Nationale de l’Apiculture Française)

Tasting of honeys

11H15 / 12H30 - Talk : Cocoa, from sustainable production to responsible pastry
  • Pierre COSTET, Sensory and Cocoa Expertise – VALRHONA
  • Claire HEITZLER, Pastry Chef

    Feedback on experience : ‘Reflective pastry chef’s guide to ethical pastry-making”, a
    booklet for more committed pastry practices, created in collaboration
    with Valrhona School.

  • Noémi RULLIER,  Agricultural Engineer- Association Nitidae

13H / 14H - Demo : This is not a raspberry
  • Fabrizio FIORANI, Best Pastry Chef of Asia 2019 (Fifty best)


14H / 14H45 - Vegan planted dessert 'Light in the forest'
  • Mirai NISHIYAMA, Pastry chef - Henri Charpentier (Hyogo)
    2nd prize Team Japan, World Pastry Cup 2019


14H45 / 15H30 - Naturalness in pastry
  • Claire HEITZLER, Pastry chef
  • Jennifer HART-SMITH, Naturopath Pastry Chef
  • Claire POIRIER, L’Amante Verte (producer of infusions )
  • Jessica PREALPATO, President of Honour of the European Pastry Cup
16H30 - Official welcome of the European Pastru Cup teams
With Pierre HERME, President of the World Pastry Cup, Jessica PREALPATO, President of Honour of the European Pastry Cup and the Team France selected for the grand finale 2021 composed of 3 candidates, 3 deputies and Stéphane GLACIER, the team coach.


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