Europain Lab

  • 11 January : 09h00 > 18h00
  • 12 January : 09h00 > 18h00
  • 13 January : 09h00 > 18h00
  • 14 January : 09h00 > 18h00
Europain Lab
  • Bakery
  • Meunerie
  • Pastry
  • Snacking

This brand new space covers 310 sqm and immerses visitors in a concept bakery, Muse, which is a great source of inspiration for the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow. 
Developed by students from Le Cordon Bleu training centre and designed by Sylvie Amar, the concept consists of an ecosystem in which nothing is wasted: everything is transformed, giving a second life to unsold products. Quality, product seasonality and information are on the menu:


Prepared by the team at Le Cordon Bleu training centre, you will find a varied offering that is in line with responsible consumption where nothing is wasted, everything is transformed. The students at le Cordon Bleu have translated the concept brilliantly with:

  • Savoury snacking products for vegetarians;
  • An overall offering focused on seasonal fruits and vegetables;
  • Flours based on leguminous plants;
  • Snack meals prepared with unused puff pastry or distillers’ grains;
  • Savoury and sweet croutons created from unsold bread loaves 

The use of quality products Made in France, with guaranteed traceability thanks to our partners: Moulins Viron (flours), etc.


For this section the emphasis is placed on equipment and appliances designed to make production easier, reduce risks and that boast an innovative and committed approach i.e. equipment that operated on clean fluids, prevents bakery-related diseases (such as asthma), makes work less tedious, facilitates access for PRM, facilitates operating machines by less qualified staff, etc. 
Examples of equipment presented by our partners:

  • Water coolers operating with eco-friendly propane R290 gas by SOREMA
  • Kneading machines, mixers, fitted with a solid lid to prevent baker’s asthma, by VMI 
  • Mono-product disposable packaging that facilitates sorting or is 100% biodegradable, by SOLIA
  • Stainless steel worktops with adjustable height designed to ensure better comfort and is suited to wheel chair users 
  • Also: equipment Made in France
  • Waste recycling project

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