Coupe Europe de la Pâtisserie

  • 12 January : 10h30 > 16h00
  • 13 January : 10h30 > 18h00
The Coupe Europe, european selection
Award Ceremony: 13 January - 17:30
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The Pastry World  Cup is reinventing itself for more shows! The next qualifying event will be the European selection and will be held as part of the Europain trade fair on Sunday the 12 and Monday the 13 of January, in the presence of the new President of the competition Pierre Hermé. Thanks to his singular and creative vision as well as his international stature, he will perpetuate the values of excellence and transmission of this contest and will give new perspectives to the Pastry World Cup. 

4 countries are expected for this European Cup and will be competing in a series of tests with an emphasis on vegetal.

In line with the approach initiated for the 30th anniversary of the Pastry World Cup in 2019, the competition is once again committed to the defence of bees and the preservation of pollination. The European Pastry Cup will highlight this year, in the dessert on the plate, honey plants with aromatic and taste qualities that are sometimes unsuspected.

What is a honey plant?

It is a plant producing nectar and/or pollen necessary for the nutrition of domestic honey bees. The quantity and quality of these two products vary according to the species.
The bees and their pollination are essential for the production of fruits, seeds ... to biodiversity simply.
The candidates of the 4 European teams must obligatorily include in their dessert on the plate chocolate as well as one of the following herbal plants (in infusion, extraction or other technique allowing to capture the flavor): eucalyptus, sage, rosemary, lavender , serpolet, mint, linden, poppy, cornflower, bleuet, immortal.

The European selection is the first among the continental selection of the Pastry World Cup to kick off. This will be followed by the Copa Maya (Latin America selection), the African Cup, the Asian Cup, and new this year, the Middle East Cup. The goal for these nations in competition: to be part of the 20 teams who will reach the final in January 2021!

Follow the competition live on the Pastry World Cup’s website.


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