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  • 11 January : 09h00 > 18h00
  • 12 January : 09h00 > 12h00
Espace Coupe de France des EcolesCoupe de France des écoles
Award Ceremony: 12 January - 14:00
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Europain will host the 7th edition of the ‘French Schools’ Cup’ co-organised by LEMPA (Laboratoire National de la Boulangerie Pâtisserie) and EKIP. Today this competition is a reference event for French training centres and catering schools. Mixed teams of 3 participants under 22 years old, currently in training, defend the quality of education delivered at their establishment. 
The ‘French Schools’ Cup’ shines the spotlight on young talents who blossom in the Bakery Viennoiserie Pastry trades. Each team is coached by 2 trainers, a baker and a pastry chef. They compete in different categories depending on their level: 

  • Hopefuls: level 5 diplomas
  • Excellence: level 4 diplomas

On the day of the contest, the participants have 5 hours to prepare and complete the required tests. ‘Architecture in your region’ will be the theme for the 7th edition.


  • Bakery test: The teams will be required to prepare a decorated creation set on a wooden base 50 cm x 50 cm, 5 cm height, on the theme ‘Architecture in your region’. The maximum dimensions for the piece are as follows: base: 40 cm x 40 cm, height 50 cm.
  • Pastry test: The teams will be required to create a pastry décor using a pastry bag on a chocolate-based entremets. Dimensions: 20 cm diameter. Theme: ‘Architecture in your region’.


  • President of the Jury: Raoul Maeder, baker-pastry chef 
  • Vice-president: Lucie Lerouxel, baker at Alban Guilmet (Caen), double winner of the ‘Trophée de la baguette tradition’ for the Normandy region 


  • Murielle Aublet-Cuvelier: Pastry chef – Consultant – Founder of ‘Les secrets de Muriel” 
  • Estelle Bidard : Pastry chef - Paris.
  • Anthony Bosson : Baker - L’Essentiel - Paris.
  • Wafaa Lamri: Baker - Aix en Provence

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