Adapting the products to the clients and catchment area

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Géraldine PORCHER has a passion for good food and for commerce so, in 2014, she decided to combine them by creating Mets Conseil, a consultancy firm that helps bakers to ramp up skills for their employees. Sales, customer relations, merchandising, management and regulatory requirements: Mets Conseils proposes training sessions that are tailored to the artisans’ needs. 

With a background in management (EM Lyon), Félicien DELZEUX is the associate founder with his brother Antoine of the bakery ‘Chez Jules’, a family run artisan business established in Lyon 20 years ago. In charge of Human Resources and Financial departments he manages and coordinates 7 bakeries representing 80 employees with an average of 3,800 customers per day. Each bakery shop has its own identity. 

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