22 July 2019

Croissants on the rise

French bakery-pastry is increasingly popular all over the world, and the croissant is one of the stars.

Between 2012 and 2017 the turnover for the industry has increased twofold to reach 2 billion euros. According to a February 2019 survey by Echos Etudes ‘made in France’ plays a major role in this market growth. Délifrance, one of the world’s leading businesses in the sector explains: ‘French know-how and the quality of the raw materials are essential assets. The croissant is a truly iconic French product.’
In the US the success of croissants is undeniable. Imported in the 1980s by the famous American brand Sara Lee,the crescent-shaped pastry has become a cult product. There is even a national croissant day, celebrated on January 30th. Its popularity is still strong and growing in America: in 2018, 138 million consumers enjoyed croissants and the figure should reach 142 million in 2020, according to polling institute The Statistical Portal. 
Bakery shops are also popular in Asia. Japan, South Korea and China are among the countries with a keen appetite for western pastries.  French bakeries – both artisan and industrial – are relying on the export market. Bridor – a subsidiary of group  Le Duff – proposes croissants and pains au chocolat in more than one hundred countries. The Brittany-based company achieves more than 70 % of its turnover abroad, with a progression of 20 % each year over the past ten years, according to ‘Le Monde du Surgelé’. In 2018, Bridor invested in the development of a range of bio products as well as a range of premium viennoiserie pastries to cater to top restaurants and hotels. French company Éric Kayser has also invested in 120 outlets internationally and propose home style creations such as the green tea croissant in Japan or almond croissant in the US. 

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