10 September 2019

Bakery shops: The french touch

Bakery and pastry ‘à la française’ are popular in many countries around the world. Numerous French entrepreneurs have travelled abroad to conquer new markets and promote French savoir-faire. 

With more than 160 shops opened in 27 countries over the past eighteen years Frenchman Éric Kayser achieves nearly 75% of his turnover outside of France. The Grenier à pain, founded by Michel Galloyer has also developed fast over the past ten years in particular in eastern countries and the Middle-East with 24 bakery shops (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Japan, China). However, Paul remains one of the main French franchises abroad. In 2010, Maxime Holder, CEO of the chain of bakeries, declared to French magazine Le Figaro ‘I want to be the generation that succeeds in developing Paul branches on an international scale‘. Mission accomplished, as Paul counts more than 340 shops in 47 countries today, nearly as many as in France (where he owns 398 bakery shops). The hurdles? Organizing operations with the suppliers, millers, adapting to the work conditions and legal environment of each country, and most importantly finding the ‘right partner’. Indeed, ‘nothing can be achieved on your own, you need to find a local professional who has a passion for our trade and industry ‘, says Eric Kayser. 

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