11 July 2019

95,3% of french consumers opt for artisan bread

With more than 35,000 establishments in France and an annual turnover of more than 11 billion euros, the bakery-pastry industry is the most represented artisan food trade in the country and is increasingly diversified. Review of the market. 

Artisan bakery-pastry shops, supermarkets, franchises etc. bread and pastries can be bought at multiple outlets. However, artisan bakeries are the preferred place to buy fresh bread for 95.3% of consumers according to a 2017 survey conducted as part of the conference ‘Univers Boulangerie de Poitiers’. Franchises are booming in the French landscape and can be separated into two main categories: baking outlets, such as Brioche Dorée and Les Fournils de France, and traditional bakery shops that are growing fast, such as Ange, founded in 2011 that now has close to 130 sales points. Boulangerie Louise, launched as a franchise in 2018, has 120 outlets throughout France. These franchises compete with baking outlets and independent bakeries by offering a modern and trendy environment, raw quality products, tech (mobile apps, click & collect) as well as a diversified snacking offering. 

Source: AC Franchise, information portal on franchises

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