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  • Europain Innovation Awards 2020: 7 winners for a responsible Bakery-Pastry Industry

    The committee of experts was keen to reward the innovations most in line with a respons...
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  • Nouvelle fournée de Love Baguettes

    A new batch of Love Baguettes

    Until 15 October, Aides - an association dedicated to fighting Aids and hepatitis – wil...
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    Sourdough Bread: Natural Growth

    To counter the power of industrial bakeries many artisan bakers are intent on showing a...
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  • Le pain de mie grignote du terrain

    Sandwich bread is gaining ground

    After being supplanted by the burger in 2017, the traditional jambon-beurre (ham and bu...
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  • Recycling bread: zero waste objective

    Each day, a portion of the bakeries’ production ends up in the bin. Some French start-u...
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  • Bakery shops: The french touch

    Bakery and pastry ‘à la française’ are popular in many countries around the world. ...
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  • The bakery industry is changing

    the traditional model in the bakery industry has been restructured and rethought to sat...
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  • Free from gluten not from taste

    In 2018, 12 million consumers regularly opted for these products according to LSA. ...
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  • Pastry : No added sugar

    Lower sugar, gluten and lactose content but still delicious, this is the pastry chefs’ ...
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  • Modern artisan bakery

    In the more rural areas some are relying on super local ingredients while in the urban ...
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  • Croissants on the rise

    French bakery-pastry is increasingly popular all over the world, and the croissant is o...
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  • Pastry : Artisant at the forefront

    In Paris and all over France an increasing number of pastry chefs are choosing quality ...
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  • 95,3% of french consumers opt for artisan bread

    Artisan bakery-pastry shops, supermarkets, franchises etc. bread and pastries can be bo...
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    EUROPAIN 2020: world bakery show and european pastry cup premiere !

    In January 2020, for the first time Europain will be proud to host two exceptional cont...
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  • Fair chocolate was very popular this Easter

    This is a structural phenomenon: Easter celebrations typically boost sales for chocolat...
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    Clean bread operation

    In order to keep abreast of the requirement of French consumers for healthier products,...
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Each day was different and constructive: On Saturday we saw more international visitors and bakery professionals. Sunday and Monday it was mainly purchasers that tended to come and see us. Finally, today we had several opportunities to enter different markets thanks to new contacts we established’

Nathalie Morlière
Food Service Europe - HEUSCHEN & SCHROUFF

'The outcome was really positive for us. The 4 days were very productive with many quality contacts made. We took many orders during the event, and these orders are still ongoing today.' 

Lionel Paturel
President - La Toile du Boulanger

'We experienced great energy at Europain, a tonic and rich event. There was a high quality of visitors, professionals and international visitors from all the continents. A most interesting trade show.' 

Mr Zanlorenzi

'We're very pleased with this edition, the number of visitors was quite impressive. Seeing the number of  contacts we made we know it was a sound investment.'

Philippe Sinné

“I’ve been to two Europains, 2012 and 2016, and both times it was an exciting and astonishing experience.  The breads, viennoiserie, and artistic showpieces produced by international teams in the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie were spectacular, as were the products in the chocolate and sugar competitions. And the trade show is immense. Who knew that there were mixers big enough to sit in, or that jets of water could be used to cut cakes?  I encourage anyone connected to the baking industry to come to Europain.  It offers something for everyone.”  

Laverne Mau Dicker
The Bread Bakers Guild of America, Sonoma, California

"It is very simple in describing the benefits people, in the baking industry, derive from the exhibition:
Europain is the spring of ideas for bakers, producers and consumers.
The place that tradition meets and blends today's technology and consumer trends, leading them to the future. Adding to that the city of Paris, it becomes the pinnacle of food fairs. I have truly enjoyed and benefited from it."

John Panas
Founder and CEO of Alfa Hellenic Kitchens

I often use Europain as the springboard to visit bakeries and complete additional training with the contacts I have developed through attending the show. I always bring back ideas that are easily implemented into our business, giving immediate improvements and results.

Brett Noy

I’ve developed an app so that my customers can have a warm baguette delivered to their door each morning in a single click. For me, that’s what the service of the future is about.


Our production unit has reached its limits, we’re looking to find high-performance solution to move beyond 380,000 baguettes/day.

Production manager

Our brand is well established in its sector, we now want to increase our market share by introducing a new concept in city centres.

Marketing & Development Director

I have a passion for choux. My dream is to open a concept store dedicated to choux!

Pastry chef

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