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Well-being and Health Lab


This new Lab will bring together all the solutions to satisfy today’s consumers who are mindful of their wellbeing and keen to enjoy a balanced diet.

Addressing health, quality and authenticity, the Lab will propose a varied programme including practical demonstrations and expert workshops on the themes of bakery, viennoiserie, pastry and light and well-balanced catering. 

Co-produced with Borea, number one network of bakeries focused on wellbeing and naturalness.


David Borréani, the “man of know-how” and Laurent Rémond, the “man of communication”, co-Founders of the Boréa brand are happy to have been chosen by Europain to co-produce the Well-Being and Naturality Lab. 

At Borea we have the intimate belief that we can create everyday products that are simple and healthy. We are the first network of well-being and health bakeries, and we’ll be happy to share our values and know-how with the bakery industry professionals.


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