09 November 2017

Masters de la Boulangerie – Discover the specialities 1/3

18 experienced candidates selected on the basis of the best scores obtained or for displaying the best potential will compete in one of the three following specialties: “Nutritional Bread Making”, “Gourmet Baking” and “Artistic Bread Making”. Each categories has been establish according to challenges linked to evolutions in baking and the profession’s future.



It is no longer enough to simply talk about bread. It is now a case of the broader spectrum of bread making that meets an ever-expanding list of requirements. Over time, a vast and diverse range of bread has developed in response to a variety of geographical constraints or cultural specifics. To this end, the Masters de la Boulangerie competition is determined to highlight the multiplicity of “world breads”. As well as traditional French-style baguettes and breads, the bakers must excel in the mastery of leavened breads and also corn bread, rye bread and even Polar bread!

Three challenges for Nutritional Bread Making

  • International expertise: compulsory breads and typical breads from the country of the candidate
  • Creation and Innovation: “Bread in all its forms”
  • Bake & Dine: “Dishing up bread”
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