30 January 2018

Find special VALRHONA chocolate recipes with Christophe DOMANGE and Rémi MONTAGNE on the Lab Intersuc!



After 4 years of training at the hospitality school of Challe Les Eaux, he continued his career in the United States for 6 years at the Restaurant Unions League Café. When he returned to France, he continued his apprenticeship in pastry alongside chef ROSSET, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier. He then went to work with Mr Westermann, at the Le Buresel Restaurant in Strasbourg.

He continued his apprenticeship with chef CHEVALLOT, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pastry Chef in Val d'Isère and then left for 2 years in Spain to work with Chef BALAGUER.

In 2007, Christophe joined the VALRHONA School in order to pass on his chocolate, pastry and ice cream knowledge.

On the Intersuc Lab, chef DOMANGE will recreate one of his chocolate recipes before you!



Rémi MONTAGNE has been passionate about pastry from a young age. It was a natural choice for him to become a pastry chef since he was born in a family of Bakers and pastry chefs.


After having discovered the barkery world, he continued his apprenticeship with pastry and chocolate.


In 2008, he met famous professionals at the Enseignement Supérieur de la Pâtisserie: Bruno Montcoudiol, Philippe Rigollot, Jean-François Arnaud, Sebastien Serveau, Vincent Guerlais ...


They made him discover rigor and excellence!


Subsequently, he took care of training adults who were changing professions and this experience allowed him to discover the wealth of professional exchanges and the happiness of sharing and passing on knowledge.


In 2011, he joined the team of pastry trainers at the Ecole du Grand Chocolat VALRHONA!


If you like the superb mix of passion and strawberry, come and discover his demonstration on Lab Intersuc!


You will find these two great VALRHONA pastry chefs on Lab Intersuc! Christophe DOMANGE Saturday, February 3 at 5:10pm and Rémi MONTAGNE Sunday, February 4 at 11:20am!


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