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For over 200 years, ALTHOFFER has developed, produced and supplied technical textiles to the most recognised machine makers and to their dealers in the world. Its range of products for baguette equipment is synonymous with quality bread, machine efficiency and professional service. All these textile parts are available made up either to original specifications or to customers individual design.




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Equipment for the production plant (bakery, pastry ...)

  • Tapis transporteurs

Cibles marchés

  • Boulanger-pâtissier artisan, pâtissier artisan
  • Boulangerie-pâtisserie industrielle
  • Distributeur, revendeur, importateur, exportateur de matériel
  • Grande distribtion, hyper, supermarché

Equipment and ustensils for the bakehouse

  • Armoires de pré-fermentation/balancelles/chambres de détente, chambre de repos
  • Elévateurs enfourneurs
  • Façonneuses à pain
  • Toiles à couches

Equipment and ustensils for the pastry laboratory

  • Laminoirs à bandes

Our new products


  • Kind of launchNational launch
  • CategoryEquipment for the production plant (bakery, pastry ...)
  • Target marketTraditional baker-pastry maker, pastry maker
  • Visitor itinerariesErgonomical design/ ease of use
  • Launch Date08/11/2016
  • ActivityManufacturing

La gamme ALTHOFFER de textiles techniques de boulangerie traditionnels est complétée par les toiles et les feutres innovants : faciles à entretenir, à qualité de travail élevé et à durées supérieures.

Our products

Our range of technical textiles for bakery machines

- All belts for current dough moulders made of 100% woolen woven felt, or innovative needle punched belts made of wool fibers reinforced with synthetics, under the brand name of WOOLTOP® or needlefelt made of synthetic materials - Belts for oven loaders - Pockets for intermediate proofers with a choise of differents fabrics such as woolen felt, synthetic needelfelt, monofilament fabric, synthtetic scrim - Pockets with plastic frames with basket made of mo,ofilament scrim or synthetic needlefelt - Belts for dough sheeters made of cotton or 3-ply material with cotton/polyester on top - Linen or synthetic fabric for dough laying

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