20 October 2017

A crazy chef who never stays put!


Jérémie RUNEL fell in love with cooking when he was born, and spent his childhood running around the kitchen of the family restaurant to smell, touch, taste and experiment with flavor. When a young teen, rebellious and mad, he chose his path: Jérémie decided to become not a cook, but a pastry chef!

His degree in hand, he joined establishments of excellence during the first 15 years of his career, and worked alongside the most famous pastry chefs: Christophe Adam at Fauchon, chef de partie at Bristol in Paris in Gilles Marchal’s brigade, and trainer alongside Frédéric Bau at Valrhona. 

A solid experience which allowed him to open the Fabrique Givrée with his childhood friends.

A shop in his image, a chef whose concept is to suggest crazy ideas, to work with incredible ingredients mixed with unbridled creativity and a touch of fun.

JEREMIE RUNEL_Family-Donut-cakes-A.jpg

He carefully chooses his products while favouring local producers of the Ardéchois region and the Rhone valley, like he did for the chestnuts of the Maison Imbert, M. Morfin’s safran or his sorbets based on spring water from the Ardéchois volcanoes.

You want to meet this chef and his creations which are 100% surprising like his incredible beefsteak tomato sorbet, his Dijon mustard ice cream or his Faisselle and chives sorbet?

He’ll be present Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 12.15 at the Intersuc Lab!

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