26 October 2017

Come discover Jean Thomas SCHNEIDER, a golden chef!

Ice cream, like pastry, is very unifying. What’s wonderful is that you can make an ice cream with absolutely any flavor. J. SCHNEIDER

Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER a toujours gardé l’empreinte d’une enfance gourmande ! 
De nature créative et rigoureuse, à l'âge de 16 ans, Jean-Thomas se lance dans la pâtisserie, discipline dont l’aspect créatif et manuel trouve une résonance profonde chez lui.

Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER has always kept the imprint of a childhood full of sweets!
Of a creative and rigorous nature, at the age of 16, Jean-Thomas starts pastry, a discipline with a creative and manual aspect that finds a deep resonance in him.

A first step at L'Arnsbourg, then at L'Espérance with Marc Meneau, then at the Côte d'Or restaurant where he will meet the man who will influence his life ... Benoît Charvet. The audacity and creativity of this pastry chef will make him want to surpass himself.

After a time at Potel and Chabot, at the Georges V, at the Meurice, he won a position as pastry chef at La Tour d'Argent, then as production manager at Café Pouchkine with a Chef who was World Champion Pastry and Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Glacier.


Gradually his dreams of competing began to take shape and the competitions multiplied:

  • Selected for the Ice Cream World Cup in Italy where he finished vice-World Champion 2012
  • Selected for the French Championship of Ice Sculpture
  • Master of Frozen Desserts 2015: the prize for the best tasting and selection for the Ice Cream World Cup 2018 in Italy
  • The holy grail: 2017 World Pastry Champion

Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER is a golden chef!
We are waiting for you on Sunday 4th February 2018 at 13:50 on the Lab Intersuc!


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